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India is an amazing country filled with diverse cultures, languages, and traditions. But which Best city to live in India would you consider to be the best? You could make a case for any of them! For example, Mumbai has some of the most iconic food in India like chaat (Indian street food), but Delhi has its own specialities like kebabs. And Bangalore might be one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia. 

The choice is up to you based on what’s important to you about life – work or play; historical place or Metropolitan; culture or convenience.

India is a vast country with an ancient history and diverse people. There are 29 states within India, which is why there are so many cities to choose from when looking for the best city to live in India.

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In this article, I will be discussing some of the best Indian cities to live in with you all!

         The best five cities to live in if you’re considering relocating to India would have to be Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. All these cities have their own unique features that make them stand out from each other but they also have similar qualities such as great employment opportunities and great shopping experiences.

List of Best city to live in India

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best city to live in India

         When it comes down to the best places in terms of job opportunities and shopping, Delhi is the best city to live in India. Wherever you are in Delhi you will be in close proximity to malls, restaurants and fast food joints! Many people who live in Delhi work for multinational companies or telecommunication industries. It’s very common to come across Westerners living here because of all the international opportunities available.


Mumbai Top 10 Smart Cities in India 2021-min

         This bustling metropolis which is home to Bollywood offers great opportunities for young entrepreneurs with business savvy dreams. The best thing about Mumbai is that it’s easy enough to find English speaking jobs but also has many other opportunities where knowing Hindi language skills would be beneficial too. Your best bet when looking for a job here would be to check out local newspapers or websites catered towards ex-pats where you can find job listings for international companies.


Hyderabad Top 10 Smart Cities in India 2021-min

         If you are looking for the best city to live in India, Hyderabad is the best city to be because of its great safe atmosphere and beautiful people. People here aren’t as aggressive as they are in other Indian cities so life tends to flow a little more smoothly. There are plenty of jobs available for foreigners here but there isn’t much else that differentiates it from any other Indian city apart from the above. It’s best just viewed as a typical city where everyone goes about their business without too much hassle or hustle and bustle going on.



       Bangalore is the fastest-growing city in India. It is also home to many IT and manufacturing companies, making it an ideal destination for work. With its growing infrastructure and thriving economy, Bangalore is a hub for many people who are looking to find success. From Fortune 500s to start-ups, there are plenty of opportunities available here. 

Home to some of the best schools in India, Bangalore has made education accessible to everyone. Meanwhile, its cosmopolitan culture has encouraged the growth of different languages and food habits. This has created a unique environment that’s hospitable for everyone.



         Chennai is best described as a hidden gem in India where you can get lost in beautiful temples, lush gardens and old-world charm. It provides the best of both worlds where you can experience Indian food at its best but also lives by modern standards with Internet cafes, shopping malls and movie cinemas conveniently located within your reach. There are plenty of jobs available for foreigners and the best thing about Chennai is that it can be best described as a safe haven where you won’t come across scam artists or conmen like you would in other Indian cities.


Top 10 Smart Cities in India 2021 Ahmedabad-min

Ahmedabad is one of the most prosperous cities in India. It has a humid subtropical climate that makes living here pleasurable. The city has many modern amenities and conveniences for its inhabitants. 

Ahmedabad is also more affordable than other major Indian cities, making it a great option for people who are looking to live here.

Housing is inexpensive, with prices ranging from Rs. 8 lacs to 20 lacs per sqft depending on the location of the property. There are many shopping malls and supermarkets where you can find all your daily needs, as well as some international brands. Utilities are cheap too, with electricity costing Rs. 1-4 per unit depending on what time of day it is used.


best city to live in India

Surat is a city in Gujarat. It is the 10th-largest city in India with an estimated population of about 6.7 million people. Surat has been called the “Manchester of India” because its cotton textile industry employs about one million workers, more than any other place in India. 

Surat today has emerged as one of the fastest-growing cities of India, making it a great place to grow your business.

But most importantly, Surat is home to the world’s second-largest diamond cutting and polishing industry. There are hundreds of diamond factories that produce jewellery all over the world. With these advantages, Surat has become India’s best city to live in.

The local language is Gujarati and most people are Hindus by religion. The food that’s typically eaten in Surat includes bajra roti, dal, chavada, kadhi, and khandvi.


indore best city

         Indore has been one of the best city to live in India for many years. It is also one of the cleanest and greenest cities in India, with well-planned roads.

It has a good economy because it is home to many big companies like PepsiCo, Reckitt Benckiser, GE Healthcare, Honeywell International, etc.

The city’s culture is rich with its tradition of music and dance. From Holi to Navratri, Indore welcomes these festivals with open arms.


Pune Top 10 Smart Cities in India 2021-min

Pune is the best city to live in India. Did you know it’s the second-largest city in Maharashtra? It also has a vibrant economy, thanks to its large manufacturing sector. It’s known for its green spaces, modernist architecture, and low cost of living.

The most prominent industry in Pune is the automotive industry which has always been the backbone of the economy. 

Digital companies like Facebook and Amazon are also setting up shop here because of the local talent pool and lower real estate prices. Sounds like a cool place to live, right?


Coimbatore Top 10 Smart Cities in India 2021-min

The city of Coimbatore is known for its high rates of literacy, education and job opportunities. The city also has a good transport system which makes it convenient for people living in different parts of the city to reach their destinations. 

Coimbatore is not only one of the best city to live in India but it is also home to several internationally renowned educational institutions such as Lady Doak College, Madras Christian College and Jaffna Central College. 

The city has a thriving industrial sector along with many recreational facilities. With all these benefits, you can understand why Coimbatore is a great place to live in.

The best city to live in India really depends on what you’re looking for out of your life here. All the best places have their own unique qualities such as great employment opportunities or great shopping experiences but if I had to pick one, then I would say that Bangalore has everything you could ask for from an Indian city! It’s multi-cultural and diverse with plenty of foreigners travelling there every day! I hope this article has given those considering relocating a little more insight into the best places to live in India. If this article helped, don’t forget to share it!


                 India has a lot of great things to offer its visitors and relocating to one of these fantastic Indian cities is something that everyone should consider. Although each city has its own unique qualities, the best way to find out what’s best for you is by going there and finding out for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed reading Best City To Live In India. You might also like my article about Best State To Live In India.

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