Dholera smart city tender

Dholera Smart City Tender

Dholera smart city Tender

India is looking to invest in its next-generation cities.

The Dholera Smart City is the first of these greenfield developments.

It will be a city for 500,000 people, to become an intelligent, livable, and sustainable urban environment for future generations.

India has set out to build a city that can take advantage of new technologies and innovations.

The Dholera Smart City project will be located in the state of Gujarat and will cover 1091 hectares.

It has been designed around six key principles: green and sustainable; livable and inclusive; healthy and safe; smart and innovative; prosperous and competitive; and knowledge-based and creative.

The investment value for this project is estimated at Rs 1 lakh crore, or $14 billion, and below check out Dholera Smar City Tender Details

India’s Next-Generation Cities

Once again we have an Indian city being announced as India’s Next-Generation City. And this time it’s the city of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad has been announced as the first winner of The World Architecture Festival’s ‘Next Gen Cities’ competition. As one of the semi-finalists in the UK’s 2016 ‘It’s Right Round Europe’ competition, which was adjudged to be the world’s ‘best new city building competition’, Ahmedabad won a global competition, beating 11 other finalists, to be named the ‘Next-Gen City of Europe 2017’.

Ahmedabad’s next-generation vision will see it becoming an education and culture hub, an international knowledge hub and a business-friendly city.

Ahmedabad is a vibrant place with the youngest average age in the country.

Key Principles for the Dholera Smart City

1. Green and Sustainable

The project is situated near the international airport of Dholera, over 600m away from the sea. It has a variety of eco-friendly features, from the use of green spaces to recharge groundwater to providing irrigation water to the local communities. These features have already reduced the use of freshwater by two thirds.

2. Livable and Inclusive

This smart city will provide high-quality services to its residents in a dignified manner.

Green and Sustainable

The location of the Dholera Smart City lies in the heart of Gujarat’s largest lake and at the confluence of the Narmada and the Sabarmati rivers. It is planned to be developed as a model eco-city, with a network of connected canals, an advanced stormwater management system, renewable energy sources and effective waste management. Green and sustainable features will ensure that the city offers a high standard of living in an environmentally friendly environment.

Livable and Inclusive

Dholera has been designed for the urban population of the future, aimed at allowing more opportunities to the residents of the city.

The urban design of Dholera has been planned to support a multi-generational workforce.

This vision will address the critical issue of talent shortage in Gujarat.
The estimated population of the Dholera Smart City is estimated at 250,000.

These residential, commercial and educational facilities will cater to around one million people.

This mixed-use development will make use of a 10 million cubic feet industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) lake.

This will be filled with water from a barrage scheme and will be used to water the trees and maintain the surrounding parkland.

Healthy and Safe

Highlighting the fact that a smart city has to be safe in order to succeed, Niti Aayog’s report on Smart Cities states that they must be “safe in the sense of the high degree of physical security against terrorism and violence.”

As we know, India has a very high prevalence of infectious diseases and no publicly available data on the country’s total disease burden.

Therefore, a strong public health system is a prerequisite for a smart city.

Healthcare services are not only about access but also about ensuring that they are accessible to all.

The city should also be smart about the flow of blood through the heart to minimize heart attacks in its citizens.

The Hinterland Urban Health Checkpoint project is aimed at reducing the loss of life due to inadequate healthcare facilities.

Smart and Innovative

This smart city project is very much in line with PM Modi’s vision of transforming India into a digital economy, with a focus on entrepreneurship, digitization, and ease of doing business.

PM Modi spoke of Smart Cities at the Haptik Creator Conclave. “

It is a big transformation for India, but also a game-changer for the world.

By 2030, all Indian cities will be smart cities… If our youth become job creators, they will contribute to our country’s sustainable growth. We are all working towards it, “he said.

Smart Future

On Friday, 4 August 2017, 2017, the consortium of SAP SE and the Government of India, led by Dholera Special Investment Region Limited (DSIRL), announced the successful close of the Global Business Challenge (GBC) for the Smart City project.

Prosperous and Competitive

India’s has a robust economic growth and liberal investment climate. The Indian government plans to infuse a total of $8 billion into various economic development initiatives in the country, including its estimated Rs 1 lakh crore (about $14 billion) investment into the Dholera Smart City project. The infrastructure company, Vadodara-based Hero EPC India Private Limited (HEPPL), has acquired a 74.4 per cent stake in Dholera Special Investment Region Ltd (DSIRL) from the Gujarat government for Rs 358 crore. Hero EPC India is a joint venture between and The company has around 41 projects with a total built-up area of 52,500,000 square meters.

Economic Development

The proposed Dholera project will bring thousands of new jobs for people living in the state.

Knowledge-Based and Creative

Dholera Smart City has been designed around six key principles: green and sustainable; livable and inclusive; healthy and safe; smart and innovative; prosperous and competitive; and knowledge-based and creative. The investment value for this project is estimated at Rs 1 lakh crore, or $14 billion, and it has been designed to enable a high degree of integration of technology and various advanced products and services.

The entire city will be built on a modular basis, and approximately 80% of the buildings will be built using low-cost and easily available materials, utilising natural materials and using environmentally friendly methods.

Check Out Official Dholera Smart City Tender: Ongoing Tenters, Work in Progress, Upcoming Tenders, Completed Work.

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