ReNew Power to set up 2 GW solar cell and module fab in Gujarat

The company ReNew Power plans to have 2 GW of production capacity for solar cells and modules up and running by September.

One of India’s biggest private producers of renewable energy, ReNew Power, is building a 2 GW solar cell and module factory in Gujarat. It plans to start making solar cells and modules there by September of next year. It is spending INR 2,000 crore ($246.3 million) to build the plant on 100 acres at Dholera Industrial City Development Ltd.

“Work on Phase 1 of the ReNew Power factory unit at Dholera Industrial City Development Limited is well underway, and it is expected to be up and running in the third quarter of 2023. This factory will be able to make 2 GW of solar cells and modules each year.

The plant will have the most up-to-date technology so that it can make the best products.

“The module plant has 2.4 GW of power. “The cell line will start out with a capacity of 2 GW, which can be increased to 4 GW in the future,” said ReNew Power.

ReNew Power thinks that the plant will create jobs for about 1,250 people in the State.

ReNew plans, designs, builds, owns, and runs large-scale wind, solar, and hydroelectric projects. As of October 10, 2022, it had a total of 13.4 GW of renewable energy projects in India, both ones that had been finished and ones that had been promised.

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