Dholera smart city current status

Dholera smart city current status

Dholera smart city Current Status

Dholera is a proposed smart city in Gujarat, India. Let’s Talk About Dholera smart city current status.

Dholera is a planned smart city in the Indian state of Gujarat. Let’s Talk About Dholera smart city current status.

It is being built with help from the government of Gujarat and a private group led by IL&FS.

For this project, the government has given it a special economic zone (SEZ) to start.

The Dholera SEZ will cover 8,500 hectares and will have a lot of residential towns, industrial estates, commercial areas, and recreational areas.

It will also be home to a lot of businesses.

The city’s development has been divided into 3 phases:

  • PHASE I: Planning & engineering work
  • PHASE II: Land acquisition
  • PHASE III: Building roads, power lines, and other things like that.

Current status of the project

As of right now, the Dholera SEZ has an area of 2,000 acres and a population of about 500,000 people.

The state government has already approved this area.

The project is being built by IL&FS and many other big Indian and international developers, like Shapoorji Pallonji and DP World.

There was an official start to the project’s first phase in 2016 when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did it.

He also started the first phase of the Rs 17,000 crore phase II, which he called Phase II.

The project also got the go-ahead from the central government in April 2017.

Work on the first building began in September 2016. Dholera Smart City is a website for people who want to learn more about living in the International Business Strategy Conference The 5th edition of the International Business Strategy Summit (IBSS) will be held on 26th and 27th April 2018.

Planning and engineering

  • This was done in September of 2016.
  • The State Government agreed to the whole project’s master plan at that time.
  • When the Dholera SEZ was approved later, the first master plan for the Dholera SEZ was also approved in September 2017. Meanwhile, about 80% of the land for the project has been bought.
  • Dholera SEZ was set up in phases I and II.
  • In September of last year, the government announced that it was releasing the second tranche of 10% of the land that had been bought for Dholera SEZ.
  • As of November 2018, 4,953.30 hectares of land had been given to the Dholera SEZ.
  • It’s being planned out in stages.

Land Acquisition

Now, the government has chosen 3575.69 acres for the SEZ.

Ahmedabad Port Trust CMD Kishore Zaveri, Ketan Patel, and Arun Tiwari are the three main people who work on this project.

Each of these important vendors has also been given a place to set up shop, either on public or private land.

It started in November 2016, and both the state government and the people who own the land have a part in it.

The Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation will buy land for Dholera from the government.

Infrastructure construction

  • Dholera was built to become a “Smart City” in India in mind.
  • This would require using the most up-to-date technology and new ideas to make sure the city was going to be a success.
  • The smart city will have 100% of its sewage system hidden underground.
  • The PWD has a goal to finish the underground sewer lines by December 2017, and they want to do it.
  • The PWD is building 23.20 km of roads at Rs 3,332 crore.
  • To build commercial and residential townships and an integrated city township with six supermarkets and six hotels, multi-level parking, and a bus terminal. These roads will be used for both.
  • The Dholera SEZ will also have two international airports, helipads, air traffic control, fire safety stations, and a fire station.

Future plans for the project

Once the Phase III of the Dholera project is complete, the size of the city will increase to 20,000 hectares. The city will be ready to welcome its one million inhabitants after the completion of Phase III of the project.

Dholera’s Port

Under the Dholera SEZ project, Dholera will get its own port that will be accessible to ships from all over the world. The Port will be built with a capacity of 50 million tonnes per year. Dholera’s Port will be India’s largest port and will also be the first privately owned port in the country.

Other Facilities

Dholera will also include an international airport, a high-speed rail station, international universities, shopping malls, industrial zones, river ports, marine ports and residential areas.

Companies that are planning to set up industries in Dholera Smart City

Dholera is being developed as a greenfield smart city and is expected to attract a range of companies from different sectors. Some of the companies that have announced plans to invest in Dholera or expressed interest in the project include:

  1. Tata Group: Tata Group has announced plans to set up a manufacturing facility in Dholera to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.
  2. Adani Group: Adani Group has signed an agreement with the Gujarat government to develop a 1 GW solar power park in Dholera.
  3. Hiranandani Group: Hiranandani Group has announced plans to invest in a logistics park in Dholera.
  4. Mahindra Lifespace Developers: Mahindra Lifespace Developers has signed an agreement with the Gujarat government to develop a residential project in Dholera.
  5. Bosch: Bosch has expressed interest in setting up a technology center in Dholera to focus on developing solutions for smart cities.
  6. Larsen & Toubro: Larsen & Toubro has announced plans to set up a manufacturing facility in Dholera to produce defense equipment.
  7. Welspun: Welspun has announced plans to set up a textile park in Dholera.
  8. Renew Power: Renew Power, one of India’s largest renewable energy companies, has announced plans to set up a 300 MW solar power project in Dholera. The project is expected to attract an investment of around Rs 1,600 crore.
  9. Vedanta-Foxconn: Vedanta Limited, in partnership with Foxconn Technology Group, has signed an MoU with the Gujarat government to set up an electronics manufacturing facility in Dholera. The project is expected to attract an investment of around Rs 18,000 crore and create around 50,000 jobs.

These are just a few examples of the companies that are either planning to invest in Dholera smart city or have expressed interest in investing in Dholera. As the project develops, it is likely that more companies from different sectors will be attracted to the area.


It takes a lot of people to build an SEZ: the government, the private sector, investors from all over the country and the world, local people, international organizations, and more.

Each of these people has their own set of problems that need to be solved before a sustainable project is a good idea.

For Dholera, the government will be in charge of planning and building the city’s infrastructure. Still, the private sector will be in charge of the city’s economy.

It goes through three main stages.

  • Planned and pre-feasibility are the first two parts of the first phase (PFP). The PFP phase is usually about setting up a project framework.
  • For development projects, the feasibility study and design phase are important.

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