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Dholera smart city projects

Dholera smart city Projects

Dholera is a new smart city in Gujarat, India. It is being built with a population of 100,000 and will be completed in 2025. Dholera is the second planned smart city in India and the first to be built by a State government. The project is expected to cost INR$19bn and will be self-sufficient in energy with solar power, wastewater treatment and waste management systems.

This blog post will look at the Dholera Smart City Project, what it is and how it will change life for those who live there.

How it will change life for residents

This project will give a real income boost to people in Dholera Smart City. Instead of people relying on jobs in industries such as textiles, trading, tanning and ironwork, they will be able to trade directly with companies abroad.

They will be free to do what they want, spend their money on other things and not have to worry about using or wearing pollution masks all the time.

Since this will be a one-stop shop for everything they need, residents of Dholera will have a better quality of life.

People who live there are said to be excited by the change this will bring. This may not be due to the merits of this scheme alone, but also because it will offer employment in the future.

About the Dholera Smart City Project

The Dholera Smart City Project is aimed at improving living conditions.

Why was the project created?

The project was developed by Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, to address the pressure being placed on its city, especially in terms of rapid growth and its depleting water resources.

Currently, the city is running at less than 70% of the water it uses to support the existing population. In addition to this, by 2025, Ahmedabad will be faced with the problem of overcrowding in its city.

There will be 700,000 people added to its population by that date. Dholera is expected to be a safe, pleasant place with regular access to healthcare.

Dholera Smart City Project – Background

A smart city is a city that is not only technologically advanced but is also planned in an intelligent way that benefits all citizens.

What is the plan moving forward?

The Government of Gujarat (GoG) plans to build Dholera at a cost of INR$19bn and will be built in five phases.

The state of Gujarat also plans on investing INR$5.5bn into the facility. This will allow for better roads and drainage.

Smart City Mission

The Gujarat Smart City Mission is a program aimed to make the state of Gujarat a model for smart cities in India.

The Dholera Smart City Project is one of the 17 urban areas in Gujarat that were recently approved for the Smart City Mission.

Gujarat was one of the first few states to have expressed interest in the Smart City Mission. The other listed cities include Navi Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Visakhapatnam, Mysuru, Navi Mumbai and Bhilwara.


The Dholera smart city project is real and it is big. It has been delayed several times and, even now, the cost is no more than INR$19bn.

There are huge problems with the plan. The city will be run by an incompetent company that has run scams in other countries. The plan is no better than the one that failed in Ahmedabad a few years ago. All it takes is a lack of planning, communication and a lot of corruption to ruin it.

If the Dholera Smart City Project is built, it will make a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and bring a much-needed injection of jobs to an area with limited employment.

The project is a very ambitious one and has the potential to bring real and tangible benefits to the people of Dholera.

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