Dholera: India’s First Smart City

India’s first smart city, Dholera, will be India’s third-largest city by 2040. Located in the Gujarat region of India, Dholera is expected to provide jobs for about 500,000 people and house about four million residents by the year 2050.

The construction of Dholera has been underway since 2009 and it is set to be completed by 2025. Here are some important facts about this upcoming smart city that will change the way we live in the future.

Dholera is a fast-growing city located in Gujarat many businessmen and investors are showing interest in dholera future smart city.

Section 1: Dholera’s Growth

Dholera has been given project status after Gujarat made the best state in the country, many businessmen and investors from Japan and Korea are showing interest in this city, many nations are becoming keen on investing in this smart city.

Dholera is one of the biggest ongoing development projects in India. This project is designed for 1.25 lakh houses and the authority has planned to build the city in three phases. The total area will be 805 hectares. In 2015, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will laid the foundation stone of this project and start the work in 2017. The city will have two inter-linked phases.

This project will be completed in 15 years.

Dholera’s Future

Do you want to build something of your own? Here is the best place to do it because it’s now and it will be the best! You will get in touch with people who are ready to do business with you. You will get support from the local government and the state government in a way that you can ensure success.

There is also a central location which is very easy to reach in less than an hour. The cost of land is also very low in Dholera city.

Dholera City to Be Asia’s Next Five Star Mega City

Dholera will be built using the “Smart City” concept. It will be the first smart city in Asia which will be developed by M3C Dholera in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat.

Conclusion: India’s first smart city

The increasing need for energy-efficient lighting devices and the need for efficient energy efficiency have pushed the growth in the smart city market in the previous years.

Recently, the government has been working to develop the smart city model in the country.

There are many interesting smart city models in the world. Some of the important cities of the world are Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, and Dubai which are responsible for the growth of the smart city market.

These smart city projects are responsible for the upcoming opportunities in the field of smart city devices.

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