Dholera Smart City Gujarat

Dholera is a city in Gujarat, India. The construction of the city, which will be one of the biggest in Asia, began in 2015. It has been designed to have 21 smart infrastructures that are integrated with sustainability.

The city has its own Central Business District, which includes an IT hub, residential area, and international airport. Dholera Smart City will have all of these smart technologies integrated into it so that it can be self-sustainable.

There are many reasons why the development of this city is important for people living there and around the world. Here are two main ones.

Gujarat’s smart city, which will be five times the size of Delhi.

It is Prime Minister Narendra Modiji’s vision.

Four forms of transportation are available, all of which are of good quality:

  • Highways with six lanes
  • Water transport
  • Air
  • Trains

It would be the world’s most expensive urban development project, costing $12 billion.

  • Total land area: 920 km Square.
  • With facilities such as: city centre, industrial, logistics, knowledge and information technology, recreation and sports, and entertainment.
  • High-quality civic amenities.
  • Administration empowerment mechanisms.
  • Auyonomy in action.
  • Planning autonomy with full possibilities for private-sector participation.

Which will provide enough space for 25 lakh people while avoiding issues such as traffic congestion, pollution, and energy shortages.

In short, Dholera will be full with jobs, clean roads, a high-quality lifestyle, and continuous internet access.

It will have the ABCD Building (Administrative and Business Center of Dholera), which will serve as the city’s central focus, connecting every building and every aspect of Dholera.

If a water line leaks, an automatic alarm will be issued to ABCD Building; if a natural disaster occurs anywhere, in any building, an automatic alert will be sent to Dholera.

And many more wonderful things!

Check out video for more Detail!

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Dholera SIR Gallery

Dholera is a city in Gujarat solar-power-plant-dholera water treatment plant Dholera is a city in Gujarat dholera-Road-pictures Dholera-roads Dholera-Road-Junction-G-4_E-2 Dholera-Road-Constructions-process Dholera-current-status Artificial River dholera Dholera-canal-construction Artificial River dholera Airport-planning-Dholera ABCD-Building-Dholera-SIR Water-Treatment-Plant-Dholera-Project Dholera abcd bulding construction

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