List of smart cities in India

Here is a list of India’s top 10 smart cities in 2022, as chosen by the government.

  • When science and technology keep getting better, old industries are being replaced by new ones.
  • The way people live in cities is also changing quickly because of the rise in population.
  • It’s becoming more and more important for cities to compete to grow economically.
  • There are many reasons why this competition is taking place.

Section 1: Definition of a smart city

According to the World Bank, a smart city is a well-connected city with high Internet access and the potential to develop into a world-class city. The World Bank’s definition of a smart city is based on five criteria:

  • Smart Transportation Systems
  • Resilient Waste Management Systems
  • Robust Electronic Information Systems
  • Fully Equipped Infrastructure
  • Smart City Infrastructure

Smart City Infrastructure plays a significant role in a city’s ability to attract investors and generate growth. According to a recent survey, it is regarded as an indicator of success. Hence, its impact on a city’s economy can be enormous.

Criteria for ranking the top 10 smart cities in India

  1. Mineral resources
  2. Human behavioural change
  3. Daily commuting
  4. Climate changes
  5. Physical activity
  6. Light pollution
  7. Traffic congestion
  8. Corporations doing environmental conservation
  9. Running water supply
  10. Colourful buildings
  11. Cyber connectivity
  12. Uniform transport system
  13. Cooperative agriculture
  14. Electricity
  15. Zoo
  16. Internet

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The top 10 smart cities in India 2022 list

1. Ahmedabad

Top 10 Smart Cities in India 2021

Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, is one of the fastest developing cities in India. The city is known for its rich culture and heritage and is home to many historical landmarks. Ahmedabad was named India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City in 2017. The city is also one of India’s most important economic and industrial hubs.
In recent years, the Government of India has been working on developing smart cities across the country. Ahmedabad is one of the cities that has been selected for this project. The smart city project aims to develop urban infrastructure and services that are sustainable and efficient.

Some of the key features of the smart city project in Ahmedabad include:

  • Development of a comprehensive transportation system
  • Improved water and waste management
  • Enhanced security and surveillance
  • Improved healthcare and education facilities
  • Development of smart buildings and homes

The smart city project is expected to improve the quality of life for residents of Ahmedabad and make the city more attractive to businesses and investors.

2. Amritsar

Amritsar The Top 10 Smart Cities in India 2021

Amritsar, the Heart of Punjab, is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage. The city is known for its famous Golden Temple, a major pilgrimage site for Sikhs. Amritsar is also home to the Wagah Border, the only road crossing between India and Pakistan.

In recent years, Amritsar has been developed into a smart city focusing on improving infrastructure and services. The city has a state-of-the-art control room, CCTV cameras, and an intelligent traffic management system. Amritsar has also been improving its public transportation system, with a new bus terminal and an integrated multi-modal transport system in the works.

The city has also been improving its waste management system, with a new waste-to-energy plant in the works. Amritsar is also working on creating more green spaces and parks, as well as promoting the use of renewable energy.

Overall, Amritsar is making great strides in becoming a smart city and is well on its way to becoming one of the best smart cities in India.

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3. Rajkot

Rajkot Smart Cities in India

The Smart City Development Plan was submitted to the Union Minister of Urban Development by the Government of Gujarat in December 2017. The smart city project will consist of four main components.

4. Coimbatore

Coimbatore Smart Cities in India

There are many smart cities in India, but Coimbatore is one of the most impressive. Situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is a bustling city that is home to many industries and businesses. The city has a population of over 1.5 million people, and it is growing rapidly.

One of the things that makes Coimbatore so special is its focus on technology and innovation. The city has a very strong IT sector and is also home to many research and development facilities. This has helped Coimbatore become one of India’s most important innovation centres.

Another thing that makes Coimbatore so impressive is its infrastructure. The city has an excellent transportation network and is also very well connected to other parts of India. This makes it very easy for people to get around and makes it possible for businesses to operate smoothly.

Coimbatore also has a very strong education system. The city is home to many colleges and universities, which has helped attract many talented students from all over India. This has helped Coimbatore to become a major centre for education and learning.

All in all, Coimbatore is a very impressive city, and it is one of the best places to live in India. If you are looking for a city that is modern, vibrant, and full of opportunity, then Coimbatore is the Best Choice.

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5. Hyderabad

Hyderabad Smart Cities in India

Hyderabad is one of the most popular smart cities in India. The city has been where people have worked in IT for over the past 30 years. Hyderabad is also one of the most wealthy cities in India. The city has many advantages that make it an attractive destination for smart city development. These include a large pool of skilled workers, a well-developed infrastructure, and a favourable business environment.

6. Chennai

Chennai Smart Cities in India

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and one of the four metropolitan cities of India. It is also one of the 38 districts in the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal and has a population of over 9 million people. Chennai is a major commercial and cultural centre in South India and is one of the world’s top 50 cities in terms of GDP.

  • As the fourth-largest city in India, Chennai has a lot to offer.
  • It can be forward-thinking and safe at the same time.
  • We think that Chennai has a lot to offer because of its advanced infrastructure, great civic amenities, and full integration with the internet.
  • Chennai can be a good example for other smart cities in India to look up to.
  • “Chennai is a model for our society and is a great example for a promising and new world of IT.”
  • It is the perfect place for your projects, your dreams.
  • Every entrepreneur and every high-tech company starts in Chennai.
  • We think Chennai will be the best place to live in the next few years.

7. Indore

Indore smart city
  • The city was built by Rajgopalpur Infrastructure and MMB Infrastructure, who worked together.
  • About 600 kilometers of dedicated multilane roads are planned for Indore in the city’s Master Plan.
  • By 2021, the city’s infrastructure will be upgraded to make it the world’s smartest place to live.
  • In addition to other development plans, Indore has set a goal to have 2,000 to 3,000 cars pass through the city every day.
  • It will also help to have a 24-hour automated emergency response control center, an online health clinic, a library that can be accessed from all over the world, and smart parking and stormwater management.

8. Bhopal

Bhopal smart city

If one takes a look at Bhopal’s regional development plan of 1997, then one can get an idea about its development into a Smart City.

9. Nagpur

Nagpur city

The city has taken first place among the top 10 smart cities in India by applying a smart traffic management system. Traffic management has been given to traffic police which increases road safety and reduces traffic congestion. The smart traffic management system includes 5 phases.

Phase 1- Smart street lighting control, by Bharat Grid.

Phase 2- Road safety management.

Phase 3- Parking management through pay & display parking meters.

Phase 4- Traffic management plan to keep roads free from jams.

Phase 5- Automatic garbage collection system which is supported by autonomous garbage vehicles.

The city has also taken the first position in India on the road safety index, which is by using IoT (Internet of Things).

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10. Pune

Pune Modern city
  • The city of Pune is known for its new ideas, modernization, and better living conditions.
  • It is near more than 100 schools and universities.
  • Because it’s so big, it is India’s 7th largest city.
  • It has the highest sex ratio in the country.
  • Kondhwa is also home to a temple of Shivaji that is one of the largest in the world.
  • The city also spends a lot of money on infrastructure projects, which boosts the economy and makes the city more environmentally friendly.


  • In India, most of the money is spent on building things for cities.
  • People in Kashmir live in the largest city, also the fastest-growing city.
  • It is known for the golden beauty of its monuments and streets and the Himalayan Mountains, which are in the area.
  • Srinagar was on the list of the best cities to live in in the world in 2015.

11. Thane

Thane future city
  • In India, most of the money is spent on building things for cities.
  • In Maharashtra, Thane is the best city to live in if you want to be smart.
  • If you take the 2015 census, it was the fifth-largest city in Asia with 60.6 million people.
  • Thane has the most “smart buildings” in Maharashtra, where Thane is.
  • The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (IIT – BHEL), and many MNCs and big banks are all in Thane.
  • Some of India’s best-known tourist attractions are also found in the area, like the Girgaum Chowpatty, Worli Sea Face, and the Marine Drive.

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12. Mumbai

Mumbai marine drive

Mumbai is most developed city in india and the country’s financial centre, which draws a lot of people from all over the world to live there and visit.


While India is full of opportunities, the productivity gap has narrowed over the past decade. Due to the lack of innovations and increasing government involvement, a considerable gap is seen in the overall productivity.

47% of the country’s urban population lives in slums, most of which are located in backward regions. There is a massive gap in the essential quality of living and infrastructure in the urban areas and the countryside.

The facilities for every country’s citizens need to be maintained and improved to give a sense of social and economic equality. Every city needs to invest in the youth, the educational infrastructure, industries, and infrastructure.

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Smart Cities FAQs

What is a smart city?

A smart city is an urban area that uses intelligent technology to manage city resources and infrastructure more efficiently. This includes reducing traffic congestion, waste management, improving public safety, and providing better access to healthcare and education.

What are the benefits of living in a smart city?

Living in a smart city has many benefits, including reducing traffic congestion, waste management, improving public safety, and better healthcare and education access.

How do I know if my city is a smart city?

If your city has intelligent technology that manages city resources and infrastructure more efficiently, it is considered a smart city.

What are the challenges of living in a smart city?

The challenges of living in a smart city include the cost of implementing the technology and the potential for privacy concerns.

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