Smart City Dholera: The City of the Future.

Dholera is a city being designed with an idea of the future in mind. It’s a modern city that offers solutions to the current problems and takes advantage of future opportunities. 

Dholera will provide a combination of modern technology and traditional knowledge from the various parts of India to create a unique environment for future generations to live in. 

Dholera has received numerous awards and recognition for its world-class architecture and green initiatives. The key to the success of any city lies in its people.

To ensure that Dholera succeeds, it must engage with its population through innovative design decisions and empower them to be active contributors in shaping their own city. 

Here are some ways to get involved with what’s going on in this fantastic futuristic city.

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Why a Dolera Smart City Is a Promising Investment in Your Future.

Smart cities are a promising future investment. They have, in fact, already begun to reshape our planet. Cities of the future will be more environmentally friendly, safer, and smarter than ever before. They will provide a higher degree of economic growth and a higher quality of life for all residents. However, citizens and investors must challenge developing smart cities themselves for this to happen.

In this post, we’ll go over all you need to know about Smart City Dholera. This innovative urban transformation project combines sustainable design with new technologies to improve people’s quality of life.

The importance of investing in smart cities

Smart cities are more than just a buzzword. Already, they are transforming our everyday lives. For example, innovative city projects have led to an increase in the quality of life for residents by cutting energy costs.

They also enable cities to make better use of their resources, which is beneficial for residents and investors. This is because investing in a smart city will help generate higher levels of economic growth.

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030 over 3 billion people will live in smart cities. Start investing in Smart cities today if you want to be among them!

Why Dholera Smart City is a promising investment

promising future investment 1

Dholera Smart City is a promising investment because it paves the way for sustainable development. Indeed, Dholera has all the necessary qualities to be considered a smart city. It offers modern living spaces and carries out sustainable practices that ensure local economic growth.

Indeed, Dholera Smart City is developing an innovative investment model that will offer investors countless benefits. This includes higher return rates and more stable rental income than traditional investments. But it doesn’t stop there; Dholera’s smart city project also offers many social benefits for residents and workers living in or near the area. 

This includes improved quality of life, better public services, and increased security for children.

Everyone wins with Dholera Smart City! Not only will you earn back your initial investment, but you’ll also see an increase in rental income and social benefits for the community.

A new way of living with sustainable design


The project, which was planned by some of the world’s most renowned architects and urban planners, is intended to provide inhabitants and visitors with the highest possible quality of life. Dholera will be transformed into a sustainable creative community accessible to everyone with this initiative.

This “smart” city, which will rely on technological advancements to provide better control of energy consumption, more efficient transportation networks, greater urban mobility, as well as digital signage and other amenities, will be located in Dholera, Gujarat.

What you need to know about Dholera Smart City 

Dholera Smart City is a project that combines sustainable design with new technologies for a better quality of life. The idea is to create an innovative and future-oriented city, which generates an attractive environment for residents and offers investment opportunities for developers and businesses.

The project’s first phase will create a residential and business zone with homes for millions of people, shops, offices, schools, and leisure facilities.

The second phase will be about developing the central area of the city, which will include public spaces such as parks, squares, and pedestrian streets.

And finally, the third phase will focus on attracting growth companies in renewable energy (solar power), information technology, or biotechnology/pharmaceuticals.

What is the cost of Dholera smart city?

cost of Dholera smart city

Dholera smart city is a new mass-development project of the Gujarat Government. The cost of this project is estimated to be around Rs. 95,000 crore ($14 billion) will be executed over the next 10 years. The project aims to transform the state of Gujarat into a leading smart city in India, with innovative technologies and sustainable solutions under one roof. With Dholera smart city, you can live in a futuristic city that is also environmentally friendly and eco-friendly.

Dholera is going to be the first completely solar-powered smart city in India. It will also offer ultra-high-speed fiber internet connectivity and unrivaled digital infrastructure. This project was named one of the world’s most innovative smart cities by Forbes Magazine in 2017. But what are the significant implications for Dholera?

The following article discusses the significant impacts for Dholera on various sectors such as energy, water, transport, waste management, etc., which are all essential.

The energy sector

The energy sector

The energy sector will be transformed in Dholera smart city. The solar panels and wind turbines will help Dholera meet its residents’ energy demands. A cost-effective, sustainable, and long-term solution for energy supply will reduce the city’s overall carbon footprint.

Additionally, with the power generated from these renewable sources, Dholera will become completely electric-powered. This means less reliance on cars and buses that are not eco-friendly in terms of emissions and noise pollution.

Another impact is that there won’t be as much requirement for natural gas pipelines because solar power can easily be stored using batteries or other storage devices. This can also result in more frequent power cuts since solar panels don’t always produce enough energy during peak hours.

The water sector

The water sector

in Dholera

The water sector in Dholera is going to be completely overhauled. The current water management system will be replaced by a new one based on intelligent sensors, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics. This method will ensure that excess water flow is used effectively (for example, wastewater could be reused for irrigation) and efficiently.

Another new system’s impact is that it will help the city with better flood management. With the help of this new system, Dholera can avoid flooding without causing any damage to property or life. Moreover, this project has also been designed so that both industrial waste and domestic waste are treated using eco-friendly methods.

The transport sector in Dholera will see a significant change due to this project as well. Creating a fleet of electric vehicles will make it easier for people to travel across the city without emitting harmful pollutants into the environment. In addition to this, these cars can also be used for other tasks like delivery and hauling goods.

Lastly, this project is going to have an impact on energy generation as well as consumption. With solar power being used as the primary source of energy generation, it has been ensured that there’s

The transport sector

The transport sector

Transport is one of the most critical sectors affected by the Dholera smart city.

Dholera smart city will have a public transport system that can handle up to 1,800 vehicles per hour, five times more than the current capacity in Ahmedabad. The buses will have Wi-Fi connectivity and offer a navigation app with real-time updates on bus schedules.

The private transport sector’s revenue is expected to increase by 10 percent. The increased number of passengers and revenue caused by the public transport system will increase the demand for parking spaces in Dholera smart city.

To manage this increased demand, Dholera smart city will be offering enough parking space for around 100 million cars, which is a considerable amount considering Ahmedabad only has about 25 million registered cars.

The Dholera smart city’s transportation infrastructure will also include air and rail services for connecting people across Gujarat and other parts of India.

Waste management 

Waste management

With the ever-increasing waste generation in India, it has become imperative that a solution is found soon. Dholera has ensured that the city will have an integrated waste management system. This will be possible with their planned trash management and recycling facilities.

Dholera smart city will also be home to the country’s first composting plant for municipal solid waste (MSW) – from households, businesses, and institutions. It’ll reduce CO2 emissions by around 450 tons annually, equivalent to planting about 1.7 million trees!

This is just one of the many significant initiatives Dholera will have.


Developments like Dholera Smart City are an excellent way to get involved with the future. With Dholera, you can be sure to live in a sustainable city that is smart and offers an exceptional quality of life. To learn more about Dholera Smart City, contact us today.

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FAQ of Dholera Smart City

  • Is dholera city ready?

    Dholera SIR Smart City is being built in phases, with the first phase expected to be finished in 2022. As a result, Dholera Smart City will be active in 2020 (Activation Area) and the first phase (TP1 & TP2) will be operational in 2023.

  • Is dholera Smart City completed?

    Dholera Smart City

    Dholera City Phase 1 will be finished in 2022 with TP 1 & TP2, which are industrial zones and residential zones, respectively, with a hub and city centre. Phase 2 will be developed in the next ten years, followed by phase 3 in the next twenty years, and Dholera Sir will be entirely developed in 2043.

  • Is Dholera a failed project?

    Dholera Smart City Logo

    The Dholera Smart City project has been a huge success. It’s not a squandered opportunity. On the contrary, it has an unprecedented impact on Gujarat and India. It is setting the highest standards for other megaprojects around the world, and half of the work has already been completed.

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