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Dholera Smart City is a bold and far-sighted plan that would change the way people live in cities in Gujarat. The aim is to create a self-sustaining, well-organized metropolis that incorporates technological advancements at its best along with eco-friendly measures and top quality infrastructure. It is situated strategically close to the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor thereby ensuring excellent connectivity as well as vibrant economic environment around it. The city boasts of smart city attributes such as efficient public transport systems; and renewable energy sources among many others all aimed at ensuring that residents live comfortably while conserving the environment for future generations.

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Dholera city will be a livable and sustainable environment for generations to come. The objective of the Dholera smart City Project is to build an inclusive and sustainable city with a focus on people and their livelihoods.

Dholera SIR

Dholera SIR: Facts and its importance to India

Dholera Smart City is a planned city project in Gujarat, India.

Dholera Activation Area

Dholera smart city current status

Dholera is a proposed smart city in Gujarat, India. Let’s Talk About Dholera smart city current status.

Dholera smart city plot price

Dholera is the largest city plot in India, spread over 5,937 acres. It will house 25 million people and cover an area of 605 square kilometers.

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Dholera smart city completion date

Dholera is a city that is being built 40 km away from Ahmedabad. It has been undergoing development since 2005 to make it into an eco-city. 

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Build your future, live in Dholera City.

The project will produce employment opportunities, upgrade infrastructure, and provide cheaper housing while ensuring all residents have access to essential services.

Additionally, it will act as a hub for sustainable development centered on renewable energy sources, water saving technologies, recycling systems, waste disposal methods and environmental preservation.

Dholera, situated in India is among the biggest smart cities worldwide with a population of about 2 million people. It is expected to produce revenue worth over $4 billion annually. Dholera has two main objectives. The first objective is to ensure that all its inhabitants can access cheap housing, healthcare services as well as education facilities while the second one aims at making this city become the most environment-friendly city globally.

One example of such efforts includes setting up solar panels capable of providing electricity sufficient for 350000 households coupled with collection systems that store rainwater intended for use by the locals. Check out more interesting facts about Dholera being an innovative and promising place to live in this article.

Dholera Smart City Overview

Dholera Smart City is a planned city that is being developed by the government of Gujarat, India, to build a world-class urban area. Situated in Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR), Gujarat, this city forms part of a larger scheme known as the Gujarat Industrial Development Corridor (GIDC) project which aims at creating development corridors across different parts of Gujarat.

Here are some key features of Dholera Smart City:

  1. Intelligent system: There is going to be advanced infrastructure within Dholera Smart City which will be sustainable and robust; this will be achieved through smart transportation systems, renewable sources of energy as well and water management.
  2. Mixed development: The city shall foster mixed developments comprising residential areas, commercial centers as well as industries all aimed at creating an even liveable environment for everyone.
  3. High technology: Dholera Smart City aims at becoming the hub for cutting edge technologies like IT, biotech among others in addition to being a Centre for excellence in advanced manufacturing industries.
  4. Connectivity: Easy accessibility will be ensured within and beyond the city courtesy of a new international airport, high-speed railway connections plus an elaborate network of motorways and national highways
  5. Quality life: The residents’ comfort has been given first priority therefore there will be top notch amenities such as hospitals equipped with modern facilities; educational institutions offering quality education services; recreational facilities among others that contribute towards achieving better standards of living.
  6. Smart governance: “Smart governance”, “smart mobility,” “smart energy,” “smart water” and “smart buildings” are some of the catchphrases associated with cities having good leadership structures — Dholera won’t be left behind either.
  7. Smart Building: Buildings in Dholera Smart City are designed to minimize power usage while having features enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology such as automation systems among other things.
  8. Green city: Environmental conservation forms part of this project’s objectives where efforts geared towards carbon footprint reduction coupled with biodiversity preservation strategies should dominate all decisions made during its implementation phase.

Generally, the purpose of the Dholera Smart City is to become a prototype for environment-friendly city planning where people can easily dwell in a well-connected place that has a thriving economy.

Pros and Cons:

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Dholera Smart City Project

Pros of the Dholera Smart City project:

  • Infrastructure development: The purpose of the Dholera Smart City project is to promote the establishment of up-to-date and effective infrastructure, such as roads, transport systems and utilities that will cater to a booming population’s needs and facilitate economic activities.
  • Economic impact: It is hoped that this initiative will bring about investments and job opportunities hence leading to growth of the local economy which should also create a sustainable business environment.
  • Sustainability: Dholera Smart City advocates for sustainable practices like using renewable sources of energy; efficient management system for wastes as well as conservation measures on water thereby ensuring ecological balance.
  • Livability improvements: What matters most in this scheme is making life better for people who live there by providing parks, open spaces with trees or grass; places where they can play games or relax. They also put up health care facilities close enough so that nobody has to walk too far when sick; schools too were built near homes lest children spend much time walking distances.

Cons of the Dholera Smart City project:

  • Problems with execution: In creating a smart city, there are many things to plan, coordinate and execute; this may cause delays and cost overruns that can jeopardize the success of the project.
  • Displacement of existing communities: Communities in close proximity to where these cities will be built might have their lives disrupted through displacement thereby posing social and cultural challenges.
  • Accessibility and affordability: The conversion process could increase the cost of living making it unaffordable for some residents; also ensuring that people across different segments have equal access to smart city services is difficult.
  • Worries about privacy and data security: Many data are collected through smart cities which leads to privacy invasion fears as well as insecurity of that information. Therefore, the protection of personal details should be prioritized while ensuring data safety.

It is important to note that the Dholera Smart City project is still in progress, and these pros and cons are based on the general advantages and challenges associated with smart city initiatives.

Dholera SIR


Dholera SIR is a planned city project in Gujarat, India, which would be the first fully integrated urban area in the world to be built from scratch. Read More

Dholera SIR Projects


Dholera is a new smart city in Gujarat, India. It is being built with a population of 100,000 and will be completed in 2025. Read More

Dholera SIR Current Status


Dholera is a planned smart city in the Indian state of Gujarat. Let’s Talk About Dholera smart city’s current status. Read More

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Dholera Airport


The airport will be ideally located 20 kilometers from smart city Dholera and 80 kilometers from Ahmedabad and will be located in Taluka Dhandhuka. Read More

Dholera Smart City

Dholera Smart City Plot Price

According to the World Bank, a smart city is a Dholera is the largest city plot in India, spread over 5,937 acres. It will house 25 million people and cover an area of 605 square kilometers. 

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semicon city dholera

Dholera’s “Semicon City

The Semiconductor Policy 2022–2027 was made public by the government of Gujarat. Its goal is to help industries in Gujarat make semiconductors and displays.

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Top Smart Cities in the World

The future has arrived. Many of the world’s largest cities are rapidly developing into “smart cities” these days.

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The first smart city on the Indian subcontinent

Dholera smart city tender

India is looking to invest in its next-generation cities. The Dholera Smart City is the first of these greenfield developments.

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Dholera: Indias Largest City Development Project

Dholera is a new smart city project in India, which is set to become the country’s largest city development. It will span a total area of 2,937 sq km and accommodate a population of 1.1 million people.

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GIFT City Gandhinagar

In Gandhinagar, Gujarat, there is a city called Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City). This city is planned and will be built.

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The following are the key features of Dholera SIR:

Dholera SIR is the most promising and fastest developing city in India. Here are some of its salient features:

  • It was Mr. Narendra Modi’s dream project when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat. Dholera SIR Recognised as India’s first Smart City.
  • Dholera is the first smart city of India which is being developed under Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project.
  • The city will be built on 920 sq km land and will be approximately 100 km from Ahmedabad.
  • To be built twice the size of Delhi and six times the size of Shanghai.
  • With an estimated population of around 1.5 million, Dholera is expected to create 2.5 million jobs.
  • Forbes has labeled it as one of India’s first-of-its-kind cities and also one among twelve cities globally that are expanding at a rapid pace.
  • A Special Investment node along the DMIC corridor acts as a hub for fast tracked trading and industrial activity.
  • Gujarat State Government collaborates with central government for development plans.
  • Excellent connectivity through rail, road, expressway, international airport, metro & port connects the city at national & global level.
  • Various smart features like smart grid, smart transportation system & smart water management system will be there in Dholera.
  • Government has allocated initial funds worth Rs 3,000 crore which will help in attracting FDI and private investors both.
  • Plenty of land available at discounted rates makes it an attractive investment option for both domestic as well as overseas investors
  • Current prices backed by government support along with strategic location are ideal for savvy investors looking out to buy properties in Dholera today itself say experts who keep a close watch on Real Estate markets here

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Dholera latest ground report video


Dholera SIR will be home to non-polluting industries, supporting clean, green, and sustainable urban development that will contribute to the region’s and India’s progress. Among the sectors listed are:


Defence 1


Aviation 1


Electronics 1


High tech emerging technologies 1

Heavy engineering

General Manufacturing 1


Pharmaceuticals 2

Auto & Auto ancillary

Auto Auto ancillary

General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing 1 1

Agro & Food processing

Agro Food processing

Dholera Smart City Images

Dholera City’s FAQ

Is dholera city ready?

Dholera SIR Smart City is being built in phases, with the first phase expected to be finished in 2022. As a result, Dholera Smart City will be active in 2020 (Activation Area) and the first phase (TP1 & TP2) will be operational in 2023.

Is dholera Smart City completed?

Dholera City Phase 1 will be finished in 2022 with TP 1 & TP2, which are industrial zones and residential zones, respectively, with a hub and city centre. Phase 2 will be developed in the next ten years, followed by phase 3 in the next twenty years, and Dholera Sir will be entirely developed in 2043.

Is Dholera a failed project?

The project for Dholera Smart City has been a massive success. It’s not a failure of expectations. It is the biggest thing to have happened in Gujarat and India ever before. It sets new global benchmarks for mega projects, with 50% completion so far.

What is status of dholera?

Dholera smart city is a future city in India’s Gujarat state that is being developed by the DDA (Dholera Development Authority). The first phase of Dholera has been completed with Tit P 1 & TP 2, both of them are industrial zones along with residential areas having their own hub and city centre. The next ten years will see the development of phase two followed by phase three after twenty years. In total, it will take another twenty-two years to complete all three phases i.e., making Dholera Sir fully developed by 2043.

Where can I invest in dholera?

If you want to invest in Dholera Smart City, you should do it in the activation area, where over 90% of the work has been done. Prices are high in the activation zone.

What is cost of land in Dholera?

Prices for plots in Dholera start at 600 Rupees per square foot and go up from there depending on where you buy.

Is it good to invest in Dholera?

Dholera Smart City investment can be a good option for people looking for long-term returns on their investments. It is one of India’s most ambitious smart city projects and is expected to be a key economic and industrial centre soon. Below are some reasons why it might make sense to consider putting money into this area:

1. Geographical advantage: Situated along Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) with easy access to major ports; this means excellent connectivity both domestically and internationally.

2. Planned infrastructure: Dholera will have modern amenities like transport systems which are efficient, reliable utilities such as water supply or sewage treatment plants, well designed residential areas plus commercial spaces among others necessary for comfortable living standards while doing business.

3. Economic opportunities: The development plan envisages various sectors coming up within the city; these include manufacturing industries logistics IT parks tourism facilities – all these will create numerous jobs thus attracting entrepreneurs from different walks of life who may wish set up base here thereby enhancing wealth creation possibilities.

4. Government support: Backed by the state government of Gujarat with substantial funding as well policy backup so that it grows according to expectation within a specified period without any hitches whatsoever.

5. Appreciation potentiality: In future years when more industries start moving into Dholera coupled by increased population growth rates due migration from other parts country because better infrastructural facilities have been put place; this shall lead tremendous rise prices properties located there hence making it very profitable venture those willing take risk at moment before everyone else realizes what is happening around them

However, always ensure you conduct detailed study, evaluate your risk appetite seek advice from professionals who have experience in investing such kind projects otherwise you might end up losing everything should things not go according plans made initially

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